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About Me

My name is Luz del Carmen. My friends call me Lucy, hence, Lucy Graphics. I am an experienced graphic and web designer. I am also an artist, musician, singer, composer, dancer, animal lover, social network fanatic, and all-around cool person. I treat my clients like I treat my friends. I am a good listener and very creative. I pay attention to detail and love to create something that best suits your project. I love what I do; graphic design is my passion.

So, where did this all begin?

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved to draw and work with computers. It was when I was signing up for my high school classes that I realized that I wanted to start pursuing my passion for art and technology. Starting my freshman year, I started taking advanced art classes and various technology classes along the way. I wasn’t until I got to college that I began to fall in love with graphic design. That is where I took off as a graphic designer.

Ever since I can remember, I have always loved to learn new skills in order to improve my trades. I love staying up to date with changing trends, and utilizing this knowledge in creating my designs, which I prefer to call, pieces of art. So, here I am, still learning, still improving…always feeding my creativity.

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